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This post was written by DoctorJay on January 26, 2011
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Perfectionism is the killer of success – we are human beings and we all have shortcomings – be kind and loving to yourself and you’ll achieve much more.

One of my mentors (Richard Bandler) says that if people said the things that they say to themselves to their children, they may be arrested for verbal abuse. Jesus said, “Love yoir enemy as you would love yourself.” This implies that you love yourself first.


I have been very busy with some projects and have had no time to even transfer these old posts over, let alone write new posts. Today, I have a little spare time so I started to move the following over:

Understand that you are a human being and have limitations. We are each unique, wonderful beings with much inner magnificence. Problem is that often we demand that we become super human. We can push ourselves until we break. The best way is admit one’s own shortcomings and then understand that we can always improve.

Perfectionism, is the enemy of self-esteem. It gives us an excuse not to do a task since it must be done absolutely well, or else we might as well forget it. Thus it stops us from achieving our potential. This gets us into one of those negative vicious cycles where our lack of achievement lowers our self-esteem and at the same time we become more perfectionistic. And the negative cycle continues….

However, if we stop, ponder the truth that it doesn’t have to be 100% to count, we become free to act and move on. As we achieve things taking baby steps in the beginning, our self-esteem increases. Now we are in the positive cycle where our increasing self-esteem allows us to achieve more and thus our self-esteem increases.

As a final reason to fight perfectionism consider a research study which compared a group of perfectionistic salespeople with other sales people from the same company.

The perfectionistic group spent thirty percent more time than the others preparing everything meticulously, getting ready for their clients and in general doing everything just right and perfect…. So what type of results do you think they got with their extra effort?

They earned twenty percent less than the other salespersons…

As it happened just before hand I was talking to a friend about how even our heroes have major limitations and blind spots. I don’t want to mention the names of the heroes. Suffice it to say that I was talking about some people I consider as saints.

The fact that they are human beings and have limitations do not make them less of saints but perhaps even more heroic that they managed to transcend their limitations.

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