Manifestation – you get what you need

This post was written by DoctorJay on August 2, 2010
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Continuing with responsibility and useful beliefs it is good to believe that we always get (manifest) what we need.

I wrote the last post on the blame fast in which I suggested you go twenty four hours without blaming anyone at all. Then I went to a store (Trader Joe’s to be precise) to buy some foods. As it happened there were people in my way every second of the time:

  • A man had placed his cart diagonally just far enough away from one side to make passing extremely difficult – somehow he managed to be everywhere I went from then on making my passage through the store an obstacle course.
  • A gentleman was so obese that he himself impeded any attempts to move through the store – in fact I gave up trying to go through that isle and went the other way just to reach a product the other side of him.
  • A lady was texting in the narrow exit and continued to stand in front of all comers oblivious to anyone behind…

The list of hindrances to my progress was long. As I was getting miffed, I was also aware of the no blame fast that I was doing.

Soon I remembered Wayne Dyer who says that whoever pushes you hot buttons is your angel. I thought about the meaning of what was going on and what I could learn from it:

  • People are inconsiderate – love and accept them anyway.
  • Do not allow what others do ruin your fun.
  • It’s OK to slow down.
  • Use gentle words when talking about negative situations and strong words when thinking of the positive:
    Thus I wrote miffed when I could have written annoyed, irritated, angered, enraged. Say each of these words to yourself thus:

    • I feel miffed.
    • I feel annoyed.
    • I feel irritated.
    • I feel angered.
    • I feel enraged.

    How did you feel when just repeating these words to yourself when you were in a neutral state? Imagine how you would have felt if you were actually feeling that kind of negative emotion like I was feeling when in the store. In fact by saying that I felt miffed I could laugh at the situation. Remember that laughter is the healer of any negative situation.
    Forty five years ago I was hiking in the Alps and we suddenly had a huge downpour. All our clothes, and tents were wet and we ended up sleeping in a old stinking cave where goats and pigs used to shelter from the whether. The animals were not there at the time but there was plenty of their wast everywhere on the ground. It was a most miserable night. Now, I can only look back at that night with humor and nostalgia and laugh at it and the remember the companionship and comradeship – especially since some of those young boys are no longer alive.
    So if negative things are happening look at them from a future point of view and laugh at them in the present moment.

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Imagine (another useful belief) we live in a loving benign universe where anything that happens we manifest for a positive reason and combine this manifestation and responsibility with the idea of absolutely no blame. Just look for that silver lining in every cloud. As Zig Ziglar says: Be a positive paranoiac.

A normal paranoiac believes the whole universe is conspiring against him/her. A positive paranoiac, on the other hand, believes the universe is conspiring to make his/her life better. So looks for the good in every event.

As the great English poets Mike Jagger and Keith Richards said:

You can’t always get what you want…
But if you try – you get what you need…

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