Miracle of forgiveness

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What is the miracle of forgiveness?

My educational background is in hard sciences:

  • Chemistry.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Brain Sciences.
  • Computer Sciences.

I was trained not to believe in “woo-woo” things like miracles.

At the same time as a scientist I was trained to be a good observer and report whatever I see….

My clients, people who come to my seminars. friends, family, even people I meet here and there soon find out that forgiveness is the linchpin of my practice (both professional practice as a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, seminar leader and my private practice as a human being).

I came to forgiveness as a simple psychological way of getting rid of those self-hindrances which block us.

We all know that each and every day we fail ourselves so many times. We know that we could do better.

This knowing (whether it is conscious or unconscious) leads to guilt and doubt.

The best way to get rid of these guilt feelings, self doubt, and fears is thorough self forgiveness.

And the way to forgive ourselves for all the times we have not done our best is through forgiving others.

For as is said in the Lord’s prayer: “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

Here the word debts, trespasses, sins are better thought of as the word sin in its original New Testament meaning in the Greek language of the time.

The word translated as sin was a term from archery meaning missing the mark. It had no connotation of being evil. It just meant not doing the best you might have done.

Now for the miracle of forgiveness:

As I mentioned before forgiveness is the linchpin of all my practice. When someone come to me for advice and change work no matter what else we do we spend sometime forgiving those whom we imagine have harmed us (once we forgive the harm diminishes).

I have experienced some interesting things in my practice. I’m just reporting the following (a small set of forgiveness miracles I have experienced) as a scientist. It could all be coincidence:

  • A mother and son who were estranged started talking to each other again – in fact the mother phoned the son exactly in the middle of the time he was forgiving her (from the cell phone message time).
  • A person who had embezzled some money from a group of people returned just one person’s funds – the only person who had practiced forgiveness.
  • A lady received five thousand dollars from a friend who had borrowed it thirty years earlier. This was totally unexpected and happened after she had cleared herself from all resentments and had forgiven.
  • Long lost friendship reestablished.
  • Incest victim freed herself from the trauma of incest through forgiveness.

I have many more examples but they are basically from the above three categories:

  1. Relationships reestablished.
  2. A person got over trauma through the power of forgiveness.
  3. Monies restored to rightful owner.

Please leave comments about your experiences with the miraculous power of forgiveness.

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