You are one hundred percent responsible for your results

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Continuing the responsibility series and the presuppositions of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) we get to the idea:

You are one hundred percent responsible for your results

This is again one of those useful lies of NLP. As I mentioned before these are not actually lies but such strong success producing beliefs that they would be useful to believe in even if they were not true.

NLP started by modeling the supreme masters of behavior modification. These were so great at changing their client’s lives that they were considered magicians in their field. One of these magicians who was modeled by the creators of NLP was the greatest hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson.

One of the things that Erickson did was to put clients at cause (responsible) for their results. Once a young lady came to him to reduce her weight from 185 pounds to 165. Erickson would always establish such great rapport that the clients would do what he suggested no mater how paradoxical the suggestion.

In this case Erickson suggested the young lady increase her weight to 190 pounds first and come back to his office. She obeyed the suggestion even though it appeared really weird to gain weight to lose it. When she returned proudly having gained those five pounds, Erickson told her that now that she had proved to herself that she was in control of her weight she would be able to control her weight by reducing it to 165. Very soon she managed to reach her goal.

In the same way once you understand that you are in control of your life,and that you produce your results based on your attitudes and actions, you will know that you are able to respond to anything that happens.

So accept the fact that you are responsible for the effects in your life and get the results and success that you desire.

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