Sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 15, 2010
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Continuing our series on responsibility we get to sincerity and integrity as forms of responsibility.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about self-help gurus who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate untruths for the sake of the point they are trying to make.

So today I was going to start a marketing effort based on quotes from Einstein. The whole series was based on the idea that insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. This often ascribed to Albert Einstein or Ben Franklin. I did a quick research to make sure I was right about the source and discovered that in fact the source of the statement is anonymous.

I had designed  a whole series of marketing pieces based on the statement being from the great genius and now had two choices:

  1. I could be sincere and start all over again.
  2. I could lie. After all it is only for marketing copy. It is not as though it hurts anyone and anyway most people already think the quote is from Einstein.

Note that when we want to be insincere we have to convince ourselves first. We have to lose our integrity first and fool ourselves. But in reality it is impossible to fool ourselves. Somewhere deep inside we know the truth. When we lose our integrity we lose our self-esteem and it becomes even easier to lose our inner truth next time. It becomes more difficult to be responsible (response-able) next time.

Remember that life is a series of habits and easy (lazy) habits, once developed, are difficult to lose. Note the word develop. As a responsible person we develop our habits. They are ours – they do not simply happen to us.

Thus this morning I could have taken the easy way out. I could have claimed that I was sure that the quote was really Einstein’s…

But that would have been insincere. It would have been wrong…

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