Go for small winning goals at first

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 2, 2011
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In the last post about visiting a cemetery I mentioned that I was transferring old posts from the main Life Focus Center web site to the blog. I mentioned that rather than having a goal of transferring one a day, my goal is to transfer all by the end of this year. In fact that is approximately two a day, but it is an easier goal to achieve.

The reason is that if I set the goal of transferring a post every day and something goes wrong tomorrow and I cannot do that I would have broken my word to myself and that is enough to stop the large goal.

However, by having the long term goal, I know that to achieve my goal I have to transfer about two a day, sixty a month. So if at the end of the week I notice that I’m behind I can do more the next week. If I notice that by the end of the month I’m way behind, I can be flexible and even change my goal by lowering my expectations.

This having a longer term and yet flexible goal allows one to have deadlines and a way of measuring one’s progress. Again flexibility is very important aspect of goal achievement.

One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals is that they set goals which are too large. The other is that they are too vague. If you want to lose weight. Any weight reduction over any time will do. If you want to reduce your weight by twehty pounds in a month, chances are you are setting yourself up for failure.

A better weight reduction goal may be twenty pounds over a six month period with appropriate goal posts (3.33 pounds a month) along the way.

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