Accept what is

Accept whatever is. You cannot do otherwise. You can only imagine that you are resisting what is. This comes from one of my mentors Dick Sutprhen. He quotes the Buddha when he says that all human problems arise from not accepting whatever is. As the serenity Prayer says, “Lord, grant me the courage to change […]

Use downtime in a positive way

I have not been writing as much as I would like recently because I’m doing some software engineering projects and I have been busy. The day before yesterday I went out to run some errands and potentially buy a more powerful computer for my project. The very first traffic light was red and it took […]

Humility and the power of don’t know leads to responsibility

Continuing with responsibility series we get to humility and the power of don’t know. Again this is paradoxical when you are flexible and accept that you may be wrong, when you are humble and know that there is much that you don’t know, you act in a wiser more responsible manner. I was talking to […]

Acceptance as responsibility

Continuing our series on responsibility we get to acceptance of whatever is. We defined responsibility as the ability to respond to whatever is. Therefor you may think that acceptance is the opposite of responsibility. However, acceptance is not passive but the first stage to change. It appears contradictory but it is in reality a paradox […]

What does it mean to accept and forgive

I am currently purging myself by doing one of the worst jobs in the world. The job I’m doing has a reputation somewhere bellow that of crooks, lawyers and politicians (is there much of a difference) and child molesters. I’m selling cars. One of my coworkers is a prototypical used car sales person. He has […]

How to deal with adversities

Adversities and negative events are facts of life. As the Buddha said life is suffering. As is written in A Course in Miracles Workbook, “There are no small upsets.” That is to say adversities and negative events bother us in an accumulated way so that ultimately they can wear us down unless we do something […]

You really are not the target

I was driving to one of my favorite places the library and had to turn right. The light was green and this guy was crossing the road. So I waited for him to get to my side. He was texting while crossing and even though he saw and was aware of the fact that I […]

Sound of no hands clapping

There is a Zen koan (questions posed by the Zen master to move the student’s consciousness to enlightenment) which asks, “What is the sound of a single hand clapping?” I’m not a Zen student so I won’t try to answer. However, the other day was one of the few cold days in Southern California (like […]

Good life is acceptance

There is a loud gardening noise outside my office as I write this. At first I was annoyed and this alone got me into a negative vicious cycle and I started getting angry (letting myself be angry) and then I thought this is good. It lets me write about it. So I accepted the noise […]