Use waiting time for saying your affirmations

Part of the Hippocratic oath that each physician has to say before becoming a doctor is, “First do no harm.” Some people swear blind on the positive effect of affirmations. I use them a huge amount.  I know that when repeating a short positive phrase I’ll not be able to keep my mind on any […]

Affirmations for responsibility

I recently wrote a series on responsibility (response-ability – the ability to accept whatever happens and actively respond). I’m currently moving some old articles from the main web site to the blog. Here are some affirmations to help us accept what is: I relax and let go and wonderful things come to me. Today I […]

Affirmations from Stuart Wild

Stuart Wilde is an English mystic who studied Taoism. One of his books is called affirmations: The universe is abundant. Therefore I naturally feel abundant. All my needs are met. The above is from a book called Affirmations by Stuart Wilde. Another from the same book: I grant myself forgiveness and complete absolution. and I […]

Affirmations for forgiveness

This is another of those old posts I’m porting to the blog. It has a great affirmation for forgiveness: The Christ in me forgives the Christ in you. The above affirmation comes from Catherine Ponder. I used this affirmation at a time when a business partner had embezzled much from me and I was full […]

Boost your self-esteem by using affirmations

Affirmations are short powerful positive sentences which are repeated over and over. This repetition has a wonderful effect on the psyche and will definitely boost one’s self esteem. The rules about affirmations are similar to those for well formed goals we have mentioned previously. They are typically in the first person singular, short, precise and […]