appreciate things in the same way as you appreciated them when they were new

Sex and the male rat – did I get your attention? When they place a new female rat in the cage of a satiated male rat he becomes interested. But we are human beings and can overcome our physical urges. We get used to people and things and have the saying familiarity breaths contempt. It […]

Be thankful and acknowledge people who help you

Now I can date the following old post since I got that new car mentioned in August 2000> I still love the car and have great fun driving it. Now about being thankful – I make sure that I go out of my way to show appreciation to public servants like, teachers, librarians, fire fighters, […]


I recently wrote that it’s your mother’s fault. I did not mean that literally but meant it as a part of the human condition. We are born less developed than any other mammal because of our huge brains (our heads have to be small enough to pass through the birth canal). So we are more […]

Start a thankfulness journal

I have written many times about the importance of appreciation and gratefulness . I have also written at other places about the importance of writing things down and journaling. Here, I suggest you start a gratitude list in your success journal. This portion of your success journal may be called your thankfulness journal. What you […]

Appreciate each moment of your life

Appreciation is one of the main keys to happiness and contentment. When you appreciate someone, a situation, or an object, it appreciates in value. You increase the amount of enjoyment you get from it. The Dalai Lama mentions how valuable and sacred it is to be living this life as human beings. It really doesn’t […]

Appreciate what you see

I was going for a little walk to rest my eyes after adding a new article about student loan consolidation and the flowers in the neighbors’ gardens were beautiful. In fact, I had my little digital camera with me and I took some photos of the flowers. I was enjoying the heat of the California […]

Be thankful for little things

There is a stray cat that we feed whenever he visits us. He has been neglected and most probably abused by the owners of his mother and is very skittish and avoids people including us who feed him. At the sane time recently a wild aggressive stray cat has been visiting our back yard and […]