Use downtime in a positive way

I have not been writing as much as I would like recently because I’m doing some software engineering projects and I have been busy. The day before yesterday I went out to run some errands and potentially buy a more powerful computer for my project. The very first traffic light was red and it took […]

When you got lemons make lemonade and boost your self-esteem

Another of those old posts on self esteem: It is Sunday today and it is raining very hard. This is uncommon here in Southern California and we are not used to it. So we have lit the fireplace, took our books out and are spending the day enjoying a cozy comfort type of a day. […]

Every day above the ground is a great day

I get a lot of my ideas for these posts while walking. I typically go for two or three short walks each day or one longer one. In my walks I have got to know a few of my neighbors.  Rubin is a wonderful healthy seventy five year old with a great smile. Today I […]

Do you want to be right or happy

I’m going through the workbook of A Course in Miracles. Today is day 19 and the thought for the day is I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts. This gives you the responsibility to change your thoughts by changing your attitude. If you are happy other people will sense it and […]

Celebration makes it much better

This morning I wrote a post about giving yourself small goals and then celebrate once you have achieved the goal. My goal was to write three blog posts before nine in the morning and I posted the last one at eight fifty eight and so clebrated by going for a short walk. It was a […]

Appreciate the wait

This morning I was shopping at Costco and I got into the longest line. You know when you select the line you imagine will be the fastest and ends up being stuck. By the time I noticed this was the slow line it was too late to enter another faster line as those had lengthened. […]

Focus on one positive thing today

I have written other posts about starting the day on a positive note, spending one day in changing one unneeded behavior, to learn something new each day, as it is easy to make a change for just a single day. So today, you can do a simple thing: “Focus on one positive thing today.” Think […]

Peaks and valleys

For the last two weeks I have not written as much as I normally do since I have to work on the server to make sure this and our other websites remain online. We had 450,000 files on the server and were informed that we could have a maximum of 50,000. It has been quite […]

Let this year be your best

Another year and another opportunity for broken promises to yourself. I’m talking about new year’s resolutions. We make them each year and then we break them and feel bad. However, if you are wise you make long term goals which are realistic and yet stretch you and you do not base them on an artificial […]