Fruites and diabetes

The day before yesterday I must have eaten some badly washed fruits and I ended up with food poisoning – hence no posts yesterday. I was telling a friend about my food poisoning and he said that I should not eat so much fruits since I could get diabetes. This made no sense to me […]

Addicted to sugar?

Dangerous statistics: I was reading a book called the hundred year lie. It’s subtitle is, “How food and medicine are destroying your health.” In it I noticed the following in the beginning of twentieth century diabetes affected less than one in a thousand in the USA. By the ends of century nearly twenty percent of […]

Overweight dangers

Why being overweight is unhealthy You have more weight to carry and that stresses your heart, muscles and skeletal system. Excess weight raises insulin levels and can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of these are bad for your cardiovascular system and increase your chances of having heart attacks and strokes. Obesity raised […]