Priorities, discipline, flexibility, responsibility

Yesterday I wrote about developing discipline as part of responsibility. I also recently wrote that you get what you need. So this morning I got what I need to learn that priorities and flexibility in  discipline are extremely important aspects of responsibility. My wonderful wife Dr. Elaine Kindle, the founder and director of Life Focus […]

Coping with Chaos

“Life is suffering,” said the Buddha. He might as well added, “Life is chaotic.” According to the second law of thermodynamics things left to themselves will go from a more ordered state to a less ordered state. That is to say it takes energy to counter the natural tendency for the world to become more […]

Know when to declare victory

In the sixties when Vietnam war was going strong and all thinking people knew that there was no way Unites States could win the war lots of us used to say, “Let’s declare victory and go homes.” This is very good advice in your daily life. Today, I had the goal to bring up another […]