Love is For Giving

I love this pun on forgiveness and unconditional love and compassion. This concludes the current series on forgiveness. First some techniques. Before you start the forgiveness choose the person you wish to forgive. To a certain extent the best person to choose is the one who is most difficult to forgive. Remember that so long […]

Forgive someone who has harmed you

Anyone who comes to my seminars or private practice knows that forgiveness is the linchpin of my behavior modification, coaching and spirituality. Here’s another of those old posts on forgiving: In the past few days we have discussed some of the methods involved in forgiving others. Today we discuss why forgiving is necessary for our […]

Affirmations for forgiveness

This is another of those old posts I’m porting to the blog. It has a great affirmation for forgiveness: The Christ in me forgives the Christ in you. The above affirmation comes from Catherine Ponder. I used this affirmation at a time when a business partner had embezzled much from me and I was full […]

Forgiveness leads to clearing of negative emotions

Forgiveness and the clearing of negative emotions is a linchpin of my therapeutic and behavior modification work. Thus whether I work on weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, exam anxiety or performance enhancement for sales and management I always include a section on clearing negative feelings and forgiveness. One of the largest impediments to the […]

Seven ways to bring yourself down

Adapted from David K. Reynolds, Ph.D. who writes about Constructive Living, based on the Japanese psychological systems of Morita lifeway and Naikan therapy of Dr. Shomo Morita: Unnecessary comparison of your self negatively with others.  You do your best and leave the rest to the universe and you will be happy. Fighting reality.  The best […]

How do you know you have forgiven?

Continuing the series on forgiveness and release from resentment anger and other negative emotions, we have the question: How do you know you have forgiven? Many simply claim that  they have forgiven and are free of anger, resentment and other negative emotions toward the other. These people may even believe themselves to be free of […]

Forget? What does it mean when you forgive

Earlier I wrote that without forgetting there’s no forgiving. I mentioned that in reality it is impossible to forget anything once it enters your long term memory. What happens is that you don’t remember things. When you forgive, you tend not to remember the events that you forgave. However, there are times that you may […]

A hidden forgiveness secret

I emphasize forgiveness as the linchpin of all my change work. I have noticed many unexpected (dare I say miraculous)  results from forgiveness. There is a most powerful forgiveness exercise which comes from Cabala. It is a secret that few know about and use. I heard about it a few years ago but have not […]

Forgive and not forget?

Some people say: “I could forgive, but I could never forget!” On the other hand there are those who say: “If you haven’t forgotten, you haven’t forgiven.” Who is right? Both It really depends on what you mean by forgetting. Technically we do not forget anything. It’s just that we do not remember events like […]

Miracle of forgiveness

What is the miracle of forgiveness? My educational background is in hard sciences: Chemistry. Biochemistry. Brain Sciences. Computer Sciences. I was trained not to believe in “woo-woo” things like miracles. At the same time as a scientist I was trained to be a good observer and report whatever I see…. My clients, people who come […]