A hidden forgiveness secret

I emphasize forgiveness as the linchpin of all my change work. I have noticed many unexpected (dare I say miraculous)  results from forgiveness. There is a most powerful forgiveness exercise which comes from Cabala. It is a secret that few know about and use. I heard about it a few years ago but have not […]

Miracle of forgiveness

What is the miracle of forgiveness? My educational background is in hard sciences: Chemistry. Biochemistry. Brain Sciences. Computer Sciences. I was trained not to believe in “woo-woo” things like miracles. At the same time as a scientist I was trained to be a good observer and report whatever I see…. My clients, people who come […]

You are always the target

I have written many times and have said to my clients and in seminars, "You are not the target." So what do I mean by writing the above? Let me start with a story: A few months ago I went to a seminar heard about something which sounded way too good to be true. I […]

Forgiveness to release

I was talking to a friend the other day and he was telling me he was having some problems with his mother and sibling. I explained to him that the linchpin of all my therapy was forgiveness. Thus if someone comes to me to reduce weight, stop smoking, improve studying habits, improve exam results, we […]

End each night on a postive note

Earlier I wrote that it is good to start each day with a [tag]positive attitude[/tag], and now I suggest that to cap a good day end it by doing something that makes your self esteem go up. You may be thankful for a wonderful day. Exercise a little. Smile a lot. Appreciate something or someone. […]