Procrastination is the death-nail of many a dream. It turns success into failure, fun into dread. There are many reasons people procrastinate. A major one is perfectionism and its sibling “fear of failure.” Here we know unconsciously that the reason we did not do as well as we should have because we did not have […]

Go for small winning goals at first

In the last post about visiting a cemetery I mentioned that I was transferring old posts from the main Life Focus Center web site to the blog. I mentioned that rather than having a goal of transferring one a day, my goal is to transfer all by the end of this year. In fact that […]

write your goals from an ecological point of view

Think of all consequences of your goal from an ecological point of view. This basically means being aware of cause and effect relationships. Often we have a goal and take action toward the goal f and do not notice all the secondary effects. Some of these may be beneficial and others we may not like. […]

write your goals with an achievement time

continuing the goal writing series: Your goals need have an achievement time.This is the T of SMART goals. If we use the metaphor of flying to Hawaii, and we have no arrival time, we may take ten years going from here to there and yet since ultimately we are hoping to get to Hawaii, we […]

Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream

Continuing the goal setting and achievement series: Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream. This is appears like a paradox but is doable and an extremely important part of good goal setting. Earlier we mentioned an important characteristic of successful people thus: “Challenge yourself enough but not too much.” The issue is […]

four question reason why goal writing

Next point about writing your goals is to have them for yourself. Thus if you want to become a non-smoker because it bothers your spouse, your doctor told you to stop or you’ll die, or you promised your child you would stop, your chances of success are much lower than if you want to become […]

when writing your goals keep it simple

Continuing our goal setting series: Keep the goals you write simple and concrete. The unconscious mind (the part of you which achieves goals) does not like or for that matter understand nor comprehend complicated redundant ideas which are abstract nominalizations and complex sentences like this sentence which goes on and on. So be specific but […]

write your goals in the present tense

Continuing our goal achievement series: Write your goals down in the present tense as if they are true in the here and now. This is because the unconscious mind is lazy and always chooses a path of least resistance. Thus if your goal is to lose weight and become slim and you write, “I will […]

write your goals in the positive

One secret of achieving your goals is to write your goals down. That’s a start but there are ways to write your goals so their achievement becomes easier: Good goals must be written in the positive (or write it the way you want it). That is to say if your goals are to reduce your […]

Best clue for achieving your goals

When an airliner goes from say Los Angeles to Hawaii, it is off course about 99 percent of the time. How come it gets to its destination? The pilots have a goal in mind and do a series of midcourse corrections. Thus they take off and aim for Hawaii (their destination or goal). Soon air […]