Smart Goals

Every time I have learned about goal setting I have heard about SMART goals which tell us how decent goals should be: Specific –  not I want to look better but I want to lose weight Measurable –  just having the goal of losing weight doesn’t do you much good – if you lowered your […]

What are goals?

Yesterday I mentioned that new years resolutions are not good goals as we end up with huge impossible to fulfill goals and by mid-January we give up on our resolutions and once more prove to ourselves that we have weak will power and diminish our chance of achieving our next even reasonable goals. So a […]

New year’s resolutions

Each January all the gyms in the USA are full of new members as people try to lose some of the weight gained over the fattening holidays. By mid February the gyms return to their normal membership. This happens every year. In fact gyms keep getting new members all the time but very few actually […]

Change your if to when

The words you use make a huge difference to whether you achieve your goals or not. Using wimp out words like if and try imply failure. Strong words like when imply successfully achieving you goals. In fact your words can change your attitude to anything. If you call something as pain (or your doctor says […]

Vegeterian fast

No meats at all in the next 24 hours. This is a getting ready for the vegan fast. You can have dairy and eggs but no meat during this fast. Now this is trivial for me since this is my typical food I eat during the weekdays. However, the series is for everyone. Some of […]

Four Quadrant Motivation Questionnaire

I have already written about the utmost importance of having and knowing your  why in order to achieve your goals. When doing hypnotherapy the reason why anyone wants to change is the most important aspect of designing the right suggestions to give. The four quadrant motivation questionnaire is a wonderful way of discovering that “why” […]

Give yourself small goals

I’ll soon start a whole series on goal setting. This post is continuation of the idea of starting the day on a good footing. If as soon as you wake up (or last thing at night before you go to sleep) you give yourself some small goals that you can do very early in the […]

Challenge yourself enough but not too much

A team of psychology experimenters wished to find out the behavior of successful people. They told the experimental subjects to play a game where they had to throw a ring onto a peg (like horseshoe game). The subjects were never told how far to stand from the peg when throwing the rings. One group went […]