write measurable goals

This is the M of SMART goals: Have a way of measuring the achievement of your goals. Here again we are talking about making your goals more precise. The goal seeking mechanism in human beings is mainly the unconscious mind which needs precise directions. This is where measurable goals come into their own. As we […]

write your goals from an ecological point of view

Think of all consequences of your goal from an ecological point of view. This basically means being aware of cause and effect relationships. Often we have a goal and take action toward the goal f and do not notice all the secondary effects. Some of these may be beneficial and others we may not like. […]

Write specific goals

Continuing our goal writing series: Make your goals specific. Again going back to our original example of flying to Hawaii, if our pilots decide to go somewhere in the Pacific, where are they going to end up? So long as they fly to any non-specific destination in the Pacific they are on target but it […]

It’s better to do something than to be paralyzed by perfectionism

One of the main reasons we procrastinate and end up not achieving our goals is because we are cursed with perfectionism. We have stupid sayings like, “Do it well or not at all.” A much better saying is, “Do it badly at first, then improve it until it’s good enough and leave well alone.” Let’s […]

four question reason why goal writing

Next point about writing your goals is to have them for yourself. Thus if you want to become a non-smoker because it bothers your spouse, your doctor told you to stop or you’ll die, or you promised your child you would stop, your chances of success are much lower than if you want to become […]

write your goals in the present tense

Continuing our goal achievement series: Write your goals down in the present tense as if they are true in the here and now. This is because the unconscious mind is lazy and always chooses a path of least resistance. Thus if your goal is to lose weight and become slim and you write, “I will […]

Smart Goals

Every time I have learned about goal setting I have heard about SMART goals which tell us how decent goals should be: Specific –  not I want to look better but I want to lose weight Measurable –  just having the goal of losing weight doesn’t do you much good – if you lowered your […]

New year’s resolutions

Each January all the gyms in the USA are full of new members as people try to lose some of the weight gained over the fattening holidays. By mid February the gyms return to their normal membership. This happens every year. In fact gyms keep getting new members all the time but very few actually […]

Four Quadrant Motivation Questionnaire

I have already written about the utmost importance of having and knowing your  why in order to achieve your goals. When doing hypnotherapy the reason why anyone wants to change is the most important aspect of designing the right suggestions to give. The four quadrant motivation questionnaire is a wonderful way of discovering that “why” […]

Know your reasons why

In any goal achieving situation especially weight reduction and smoking cessation it is extremely important to know your reason why. When you have a strong why the how will appear to you and you will be able to plan out a route to your goal and you will be able to get there and remain […]