write your goals with an achievement time

continuing the goal writing series: Your goals need have an achievement time.This is the T of SMART goals. If we use the metaphor of flying to Hawaii, and we have no arrival time, we may take ten years going from here to there and yet since ultimately we are hoping to get to Hawaii, we […]

Give yourself a deadline and then do it even if it is not as good as you desire

continuing our goal achievement series: Give yourself a deadline for any goal and then just beat that deadline no matter what it takes.  This again is a way to beat that most odious habit of procrastination which damages our chances of archiving goals more than just about any other hindrance. A friend gets into trouble […]

Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream

Continuing the goal setting and achievement series: Keep your goal realistic while you dream your wildest dream. This is appears like a paradox but is doable and an extremely important part of good goal setting. Earlier we mentioned an important characteristic of successful people thus: “Challenge yourself enough but not too much.” The issue is […]

write your goals in the positive

One secret of achieving your goals is to write your goals down. That’s a start but there are ways to write your goals so their achievement becomes easier: Good goals must be written in the positive (or write it the way you want it). That is to say if your goals are to reduce your […]

Best clue for achieving your goals

When an airliner goes from say Los Angeles to Hawaii, it is off course about 99 percent of the time. How come it gets to its destination? The pilots have a goal in mind and do a series of midcourse corrections. Thus they take off and aim for Hawaii (their destination or goal). Soon air […]

Smart Goals

Every time I have learned about goal setting I have heard about SMART goals which tell us how decent goals should be: Specific –  not I want to look better but I want to lose weight Measurable –  just having the goal of losing weight doesn’t do you much good – if you lowered your […]

Four Quadrant Motivation Questionnaire

I have already written about the utmost importance of having and knowing your  why in order to achieve your goals. When doing hypnotherapy the reason why anyone wants to change is the most important aspect of designing the right suggestions to give. The four quadrant motivation questionnaire is a wonderful way of discovering that “why” […]

Know your reasons why

In any goal achieving situation especially weight reduction and smoking cessation it is extremely important to know your reason why. When you have a strong why the how will appear to you and you will be able to plan out a route to your goal and you will be able to get there and remain […]

Give yourself small goals

I’ll soon start a whole series on goal setting. This post is continuation of the idea of starting the day on a good footing. If as soon as you wake up (or last thing at night before you go to sleep) you give yourself some small goals that you can do very early in the […]

Challenge yourself enough but not too much

A team of psychology experimenters wished to find out the behavior of successful people. They told the experimental subjects to play a game where they had to throw a ring onto a peg (like horseshoe game). The subjects were never told how far to stand from the peg when throwing the rings. One group went […]