Appreciate little disasters

Murphy’s law states: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong… In engineering we had a saying, “Maurphy was an optimist.” That’s to say whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time. Note the two shuttle disasters and a multitudes of other engineering failures… Anyways the same types of things will happen […]

Appreciate your health

It is interesting how we take things we have for granted and only complain when things go wrong. Typically we have good health and we do not even notice. The human body is such a wonderful miracle of interrelated systems and has such excellent self-healing capacity that we take it for granted. Well, today tell […]

Great questions lead to great answer

You have heard of GIGO: Garbage in – Garbage out. It’s true of computers and is true of humans individually as well as societies. You have also heard, “Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.” Now lets turn the above around to “Ask a great question and you’ll get a great answer.” The human […]

Ask what you can be thankful for

I was  going for a walk and doing some walking meditation when I cam to this question: Ask what you can be thankful for? I knew that I must write about this today. So I started asking the above question from myself. Here are some answers I cam to: I remembered that in 1974 I […]

Silently Thank Everyone You Meet

I’m going through a book called "Effortless Prosperity," by Bijan. It is based on "A Course In Miracles." However, whereas the later has a 365 day period of the workbook, the former is a set of daily exercises lasting only thirty days. Today’s exercise if to thank each person you meet silently or aloud. This […]

Make a gratitude list

Earlier I mentioned that it is best to start the day with a [tag]positive attitude[/tag]. One way of starting the day on the right foot is to ask yourself what you are thankful for and make a [tag]gratitude list[/tag].  Now you may say, “Look here DoctorJay, it may be easy for you to be happy […]

Start each day on a positive note

Yesterday I wrote on how I did not believe in [tag]New Year’s resolutions[/tag]. Also they say however you start the new year is an indication of the coming year. However, I do believe in each morning’s resolution. And the resolution is to have a wonderful day and improve some aspect of your life. Take one […]