I language and responsibility

This is the second of the responsibility series. “I language” is when we claim our own feelings. Thus we realize that no one else can force us to feel in any special way. We always have the choice to feel how we will feel. However, unfortunately most of our feelings arise thanks to habits which […]

healthy habits

Habits – good, bad, indifferent? Depends if those habits are healthy, neutral or negative habits…. Living beings are creatures of habits. Biological systems work through repetition. You could say that the spiral pattern of the DNA molecule is symbolic of habits. The good news is that habits automate things and make life easy. However, they […]

It gets easier every day

When you repeat actions you form habits – at first it’s hard and then it becomes easier. I’ll admit it. I’m a pack rat. I keep things way too long. Recently I started throwing things away. The first times it was hell. Each time I throw more things away and it becomes easier. That’s the […]