Two hypnotic words

By hypnosis we mean persuading people to change – it mean persuading people to do things – influencing them. So here are some words which influence people magically: Your name – this is the sweetest word to you but has to be used judicially like the other words in this list. The second hypnotic word […]

Four Quadrant Motivation Questionnaire

I have already written about the utmost importance of having and knowing your  why in order to achieve your goals. When doing hypnotherapy the reason why anyone wants to change is the most important aspect of designing the right suggestions to give. The four quadrant motivation questionnaire is a wonderful way of discovering that “why” […]

Power of intention

I just returned from having my teeth and gum cleaned. This is very painful for me if I do not use a strong analgesic or anesthesia (typically nitrous oxide). Recently I have been using self hypnosis, after all I decided that if I can help others mange their pain, I should control my own. It […]