Excuses, excuses, excuses

If you have to say no to a request or cancel an appointment at the last moment it is best not give any reasons at all. However, if you have to give a reason, give just one even though in reality there may be a plethora of reasons in your own mind. Suppose you were […]

Karma Meditation

Continuing our series of meditations we get to karma meditation. This is being in the moment when doing anything. It can be practiced all the time. Karma means action and karma yoga is one of the eight different yogas. Yoga means yoke or union with the ultimate reality (the Godhead). In karma meditation or karma […]

It’s not your problem

I was walking in the gated development and noticed a neighbor whom I did not know drive by. Automatically I smiled and noticed that she had a frown and acted as though she had not noticed me. At first I was about to get peeved. Then I realized that it was not my problem. In […]


Karma means action and the fact that every action has some causes and in turn causes other actions. There is in reality no sense of good or bad in Karma and no question of blame or getting your just deserts morally. This morning I woke up at 3:45 to go to the gym. Some times […]