Teach whatever you need to learn

We are all public communicators. Most communicate through speaking. Some like Stephen Hawking have to speak with aid of a computer or other form of sign system. The one thing that distinguishes human beings from other animals os that we learn from others and teach others and our total information pool increases from one generation […]

Take many breaks to learn more

I have been taking an online class and haven’t had much free time to write here. Anyway, since I’m learning new things and I have given a few seminars on learning and acing your exams, I like to take a little time off to write this and listen to my own advice. Experiments on learning […]

Never say never

Most probably, you like me, do not remember the time you were a baby and you crawled on the ground. Soon you tried to walk. At first you kept falling down and yet you continued without any thought of failure or rejection and soon you learned to walk. The fact that if you don’t give […]

Be glad if you are confused

Do you remember when you were first learning the alphabet.At first it was all magical. Here were lines on a piece of paper which made no sense at all to you but others (the adults, elder siblings) could understand. Soon some of the signs on the paper became familiar. They were distinct. Others, however, looked […]

Learn from your mistakes

Forgiveness of self and others is the linchpin of my therapy and coaching. So many times in my seminars I use the metaphor of burning your hand on a hot stove as a two year old. Even if it may scar you physically for life – I have a tiny scar on my left wrist […]

Understand that when you are confused you are learning

When we understand something fully, we are contented and have stopped growing. However, during the learning phase of anything we are often confused. It is during this time that we are learning new skills or new facts. Remember when you first learned to ride a bike or learned to skate. At first you kept falling […]

Learn something new every day

In today’s fast paced, rapidly changing world we need to learn new things just keep up. At the same time, the Internet and computers have made learning extremely easy. Just search for free tutorials and you’ll find free tutorials in just about any topic you may be interested in. There is also so much information […]

What is luck

This is a continuation of a Mullah Nasrudin post titled Mullah Nasrudin and the rusty ax. Today I feel very lucky . Actually part of feeling lucky is a question of attitude. When you feel lucky, you look for reasons to feel good. You see the glass half full. You slow down and observe and […]

Balance between doing and becoming

It is possible to spend way too much time on learning how to do (becoming) and it is possible to take actions blindly without learning from the experience of others. A good balance between the two is needed. If you spend too much time preparing (the [tag]perfectionist trap[/tag]) you’ll [tag]procrastinate[/tag] and never start the task […]