Relax your way out of minor addiction

I’m moving two short posts together. The point which links them together is the idea of meditation. I call minor addiction an unwanted habit, The point is that it is what is a problem for you. If you don’t have a problem with it then it is not a minor addiction. But then again often […]

Dislike meditation

Dislike meditation is not a command to not to like meditation but a wonderful meditation I discovered today. Last post was on smile meditation and to a certain extent this follows from where that left off. I’ll first explain the proceedure of the dislike meditation: Think of someone you do not like. Perhaps it is […]

Smile meditation

I discovered this form of meditation accidentally this morning when I was moving twelve stones from one side of the garden to the other and back as an exercise of discipline and will power. In many types of meditation one concentrates on some object of concentration and eventually notices that one is no longer concentrating […]

Time and stress management

Time is moving faster and faster. We all multitask most of the time in the modern tech dependent world. This unnatural way of living makes us more and more stressed. How did we live before mobile phones, video games, music machines, and so on? Our whole conception of time has changed. Before the industrial revolution […]

Treat every task as a sacrament

A man in the thirteenth century talks to three masons working on a building site. He asked each one what he was doing. The first man replied, “I am cutting stones to make a living for so my wife and children can have a roof over our heads, clothes to keep us warm and food […]

The bless you mediation

Continuing with our series of different meditations, we get to the “bless you meditation.” This is a wonderful meditation to practice whenever you’re stuck in a line or traffic jam. It is very simple: Say silently to each person you see, “God bless you.” Send out unconditional love to all in the universe. Soon you’ll […]

Walking Meditation

Continuing our series on meditation and the fact that walking is one of the best overall exercises known to humanity, we get to walking meditation. Here you walk slowly with full awareness in the present moment. Thus you pay attention to everything that is going on both inside and outside yourself. You pay attention to […]

Karma Meditation

Continuing our series of meditations we get to karma meditation. This is being in the moment when doing anything. It can be practiced all the time. Karma means action and karma yoga is one of the eight different yogas. Yoga means yoke or union with the ultimate reality (the Godhead). In karma meditation or karma […]

Ahh meditation

This is Wayne Dyer’s version of Japa meditation which is a form of mantra meditation using Hindu mantras. According to Wayne Dyer all names of God contain the sound of God "Ahh." This is partially true as the name of God the creator in the Hebrew Bible (Genesis 1 in the Old Testament) is the […]

Meditate on your breath

Yesterday I wrote about meditation. I mentioned that basically you concentrate on an object and you do not try to do anything and sooner or later your mind will wonder from the object of concentration and you simply return you mind back to the object of concentration. Meditating on your breath is derived from Zen […]