Weight loss affirmations

Continuing the affirmation series with some affirmations from the Michelangelo weight management seminar: I eat foods which are good for me and I easily and lovingly approach my perfect weight. I approve of myself. I like myself. I take full responsibility for all my actions and all that happens to me. I know all exercise […]

Slow down you are eating too fast

Why are so many of us, Americans, fat and the French can eat such wonderful foods full of cream, cheese and other supposedly fattening foods and yet they are in general slim? OK – one reason is that their portion sizes are reasonable (way smaller than those in the USA). A more important reason is […]

Eat the best foods to loose weight

When you show yourself that you are worth caring for you boost your self-esteem. I have mentioned many ways of doing this. Today we wish to suggest you do it through what you eat. I recently heard someone say the reason junk food is so fattening is that since it has so little nourishment, we […]

Balance your weight management as an account

Treat your weight like a bank account which has to be balanced. A major difference between those who control their weight and those who let themselves go is a question of awareness and balance. Awareness comes from knowing your ideal weight and what you weigh at this moment. Also a person who is aware of […]

Why Michelangelo Weight Management Seminar?

Many years ago I had the good fortune to be studying Chemistry under the Nobel prize winner, Sir Derick Barton, at Imperial College, London. The nearest underground station was South Kensington and we would walk up Exhibition Road to the Chemistry department. There was an underground tunnel which went part of the way and typically […]

How to reduce your weight for good

To learn to reduce your weight permanently for good you need to understand the concept of Weight Set Point and know that you have to work at a good weight loss program constantly by improving your eating habits and exercise more. You didn’t gain your excess weight overnight and it is not reasonable to imagine […]