Forgiveness leads to clearing of negative emotions

Forgiveness and the clearing of negative emotions is a linchpin of my therapeutic and behavior modification work. Thus whether I work on weight management, smoking cessation, pain management, exam anxiety or performance enhancement for sales and management I always include a section on clearing negative feelings and forgiveness. One of the largest impediments to the […]

Holding on to negative emotions

Human beings are creatures of habit (in fact all life is derived from habituation and memory). This works great in teaching us to take action. It helps us move toward “good things” and avoid the “bad ones.” Unfortunately often the situation changes and yet our behavior does not change. We do things by rote. Strong […]

Why Michelangelo Weight Management Seminar?

Many years ago I had the good fortune to be studying Chemistry under the Nobel prize winner, Sir Derick Barton, at Imperial College, London. The nearest underground station was South Kensington and we would walk up Exhibition Road to the Chemistry department. There was an underground tunnel which went part of the way and typically […]