counter negative experiences using NLP

This once more one of those old post I’m moving over from the 365 ways to boost your self esteem series. It teaches you to use an NLP (neurolinigustic programming) method to overcome negative emotions and fears. I used to be very afraid of injection needles (a minor phobia) but wanted to donate blood. I […]

You are one hundred percent responsible for your results

Continuing the responsibility series and the presuppositions of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) we get to the idea: You are one hundred percent responsible for your results This is again one of those useful lies of NLP. As I mentioned before these are not actually lies but such strong success producing beliefs that they would be useful […]

Model your best

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is one of the best methodologies for behavior modification. It started based on modeling experts in the field of psychology and excellence. Later the same modeling techniques were used to model the best in other fields and teach others how to do the skills modeled.  One methodology in NLP is to model […]

If you cannot get over it, dive deep into it

When you feel good, glad, and happy  stay with it. Accept it and appreciate it. Understand that it will pass ad so enjoy it even more in the moment. However, there are times you feel bad, sad and gloomy and normally by just knowing that this too shall pass and looking at the present moment […]