Two hypnotic words

By hypnosis we mean persuading people to change – it mean persuading people to do things – influencing them. So here are some words which influence people magically: Your name – this is the sweetest word to you but has to be used judicially like the other words in this list. The second hypnotic word […]

Meat and poison

One man’s meat is another’s poison. We all have heard that, but too often we forget about it when selecting rewards to modify our own or other’s behavior. I have written many times that rewards are the best way of modifying the behavior of animals (and most probably all humans too) although some people have […]

You have two eyes and one mouth

We have all heard the wise adage that we have two ears and only one mouth and so we should use them in that amount. I was walking this morning as usual and paying attention to the sounds of birds singing when I noticed that people who have eye sight take this sense for granted. […]

Reward immediately to persuade

Yesterday, we got rid of our satellite TV and replaced it with cable. We got one of those all in one systems which has cable TV, phone and high speed internet access. So it took a long time to install. I like appreciating people and had decided to give the cable installer a twenty dollar […]