Take time off for spirituality

I recently wrote about the need for solitude and this post continues that and takes it to the next level: Take time off for spirituality Today is a Sunday and I noticed that I started the day doing various chores – including: watching various Sunday morning news TV shows, shopping; cooking; looking after the cats […]

Many different fasts

I have previously written about fasting to detox and balance. Fasting is as much a mental and spiritual activity as any thing else. Any fast (actively avoiding something) will increase your will power and self esteem by setting a goal and achieving that goal. So it is important to have a goal that is doable. […]

Be true to your word

Assertiveness is not aggression Assertiveness training used to be hot about thirty years ago and like other self help methods it has gone out of fashion. Therefore, many people imagine that being aggressive or manipulative is the same as being assertive. In fact, when you are being assertive you respect your rights, and  do not […]

Twelve Ways of Realizing Me by Meher Baba

Meher Baba (Merwan Sheriar Irani) was an Indian mystic who from July 10th, 1925, to the end of his life, stopped talking and kept total silence. He communicated by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures. The following appears at the back of some of his books and is quoted by Wayne […]