Time and stress management

Time is moving faster and faster. We all multitask most of the time in the modern tech dependent world. This unnatural way of living makes us more and more stressed. How did we live before mobile phones, video games, music machines, and so on? Our whole conception of time has changed. Before the industrial revolution […]

Fun vs. carcinogens

People who study biochemistry and neuroimmunology understand that having good clean fun and laughter reduce the effects of stress including that caused by toxic chemicals and also know that barbecuing meat produces food full of  carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals). Today on fourth of July we Americans celebrate our independence day traditionally by  barbecuing hamburgers and […]

Aromatherapy and Relaxation

One of the biggest killers in modern life is stress. We all use the term stress but what does stress mean? According to Hans Selye the father of stress research stress is a biological system’s nonspecific reaction to any  stimulus that’s to say if you are living you get stressed. Even though some stress is […]

Take a shower and renew your energy

Seventy percent of the earths surface as well as seventy percent of our bodies is water. We need hydration on the inside and outside. Both drinking enough water and washing our skins reduce the effects of stress on the body. To hydrate your skin you can have a bath or shower. There is, however, a […]