Addicted to sugar?

Dangerous statistics: I was reading a book called the hundred year lie. It’s subtitle is, “How food and medicine are destroying your health.” In it I noticed the following in the beginning of twentieth century diabetes affected less than one in a thousand in the USA. By the ends of century nearly twenty percent of […]

If it tastes too good chances are it’s bad for you

I normally eat a few prunes and raw almonds each day. The prunes have very high levels of antioxidants as well as being full of fiber, and the almonds have plenty of good polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. Recently we ran out of prunes and my wife got some "fruit and nut medley" from Costco instead […]

What is fruit juice concentrate?

Many people, like me, refuse to buy any thing which has sugar as one of the first three ingredients. We know that sugar is called many different things: sugar cane sugar fructose corn syrup high fructose corn syrup sucrose glucose dextrose (D-glucose) invert sugar And many other names. What I did not know is that […]