Send blessing to each person you meet

This old post continues the theme of unconditional love which brings peace to us. Loving your enemies is not for their sake. It is not for religion. It is only for you. Coincident;y it makes the world a better place and produces good karma (religious brownie .points or whatever makes sense to you). Loving kindness, […]

Ask for wisdom for your enemies and yourself

I don’t know what is going on but as I’m transferring these old posts, I’m discovering many synchronicities.  Recently I have started sending love to people I do not appreciate (mainly politicians and radio TV broadcasters). Given that I believe that these people are destroying the world (especially the USA) and lack any loving compassion […]

Surround someone or some situation you dislike with love

I had written this post ten/eleven years ago before 9/11, before the never ending wars… As far as the situation in Israel/Palestine is concerned, things have got even worse. There are many more illegal settlements, and no peace in sight… So surrounding the whole world in a pink light of peace and unconditional love is […]

Dislike meditation

Dislike meditation is not a command to not to like meditation but a wonderful meditation I discovered today. Last post was on smile meditation and to a certain extent this follows from where that left off. I’ll first explain the proceedure of the dislike meditation: Think of someone you do not like. Perhaps it is […]

Pink light of unconditional love

As I have been going through A Course in Miracles workbook, I have been able to accept small upsets (traffic incidents and so on) so much easier. However at times there are much larger upsets. There are times that you remember past negative events. you remember times that: you were neglected. you were passed over. […]

Beyond the categorical imperative

I recently wrote about the platinum rule (treat people the way they would like to be treated) and how it’s better than the golden rule (treat others as you would like to be treated). Today I want to write about something I heard last night which is better than Kant’s categorical imperative. So let’s first […]

Who do you love?

The way you start the day tends to continue so its best to start the day on a positive note. One great way to start the day is to ask some good questions and a great set of questions to ask each morming is: Who do I love? And then – who else do I […]

Send unconditional love

After the second leak in our condo (in less than 45 days) I was shell shocked yesterday (I had very little sleep the previous night as I kept waking up to empty the bucket under the slow drip. Today having had some sleep I’m cleaning the place and drying the carpets. At first I was […]

Unconditional love

True love is totally unconditional. It is the love of the mother (I don’t mean necessarily your physical mother or father – but in some spiritual systems there are masculine and feminine aspects of the divine). The love of this divine mother is absolute and non-judgmental. It is the love which says, "Go and sin […]