Go to a park and smell the flowers

Continuing our theme of enjoying and appreciating nature at this spring time, you could do your self so much good and have great fun by going to a park and enjoying the flowers and other plants.Both the walk and appreciation of the plants make you feel good and healthier. We live in a society that […]

Walking with a friend good for the soul and body

At first I wrote, “Walking with a friend good for the sole and body…” It is a Freudian pun. Actually it is important for the soles of your feet (as well as the rest of your feet) to have good walking shoes. If needs be go to a specialty store. Now to the post proper: […]

Here and now

I was going for a walk and saw a neighbor/acquaintance/friend. My friend said that I was always smiling. I replied that since you cannot change most things in the here and now, you might as well smile. What you can control is your own mind. What you can control is your attitude… *** My friend’s […]

Take a walk in nature

I have previously written about walking and how it is good for your eyes . Of course the great advantage of walking is that is a wonderful low impact exercise which can be done anywhere by just about everyone no matter where their health level may be. There is something about the natural environment which […]