Weight loss affirmations

Continuing the affirmation series with some affirmations from the Michelangelo weight management seminar: I eat foods which are good for me and I easily and lovingly approach my perfect weight. I approve of myself. I like myself. I take full responsibility for all my actions and all that happens to me. I know all exercise […]

Eat meat – gain weight

A research team from my Alma Mater, Imperial College, London has performed a research on meat consumption and weight gain. The study tested 400,000 people from ten European countries and showed that those who consumed more meat gained more weight even when they consumed the same number of calories as others who ate less meat. […]

Weight loss by reduction of temptation

Weight loss is not easy in advanced industrial countries with plenty of tempting foods. These are often designed in laboratories to be addictive. So a great way to manage and reduce your weight is through getting rid of temptations. You have to be serious about this if you are serious about losing weight. Go through […]

Feedback – breakfast of champions

Recently my life pattern has changed a little. My gym is much further away from my house and I go less often. Also a series of celebrations meant that I changed my eating habits and over ate. So my weight has gone up by a huge amount (for me). It is about seven pounds higher […]

Reduce that portion size

I recently wrote that by eating slowly you can manage and reduce your weight. One great way of forcing yourself to eat slower and to lose weight is by eating much smaller portions. Did you know that plates in the USA are larger than those in Europe – we eat larger portions and end up […]

Well balanced diet

There are fad diets everywhere. These may want you to eat one or tweo ingredients or cut down one component of healthy well balanced diets. The good news is that any diet may work in the short run. You can lose weight – and sometimes quite rapidly – on the most stupid and unhealthy diet. […]

How to manage your weight during the hollidays

On average Americans gain twenty five pounds between thanks giving and mid January while we loose about twenty pounds on average in the following time to next thank giving. Which means we gain five pounds a year on average. Now, given that many of us don’t gain much if any extra weight each year those […]

Don’t look at the menu

Strategy not to gain weight When you go to the restaurant remember the pretty pictures on the menu are designed to tempt you to those high calorie larger portion – larger profit foods. The chances are that when you go to the restaurant you are hungry which is the worst time to select your food. […]

Ten ways to lose weight

Ten simple positive ways of reducing your weight through changing your eating habits Eat a large breakfast, smaller lunch, and tiny supper. They say eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like pauper. Use smaller size dishes. The dishes they use in Europe are smaller than those used in the USA. […]

Eat the best foods to loose weight

When you show yourself that you are worth caring for you boost your self-esteem. I have mentioned many ways of doing this. Today we wish to suggest you do it through what you eat. I recently heard someone say the reason junk food is so fattening is that since it has so little nourishment, we […]