Discipline and will power through practice

Yesterday I mentioned that I started a new way of improving my discipline and will power through practice. The method comes from Stuart Wilde, a Western disseminator of Taoism, who is one of my many mentors. I have never met him but have some of his books and audios. Being true to your words is […]

What are goals?

Yesterday I mentioned that new years resolutions are not good goals as we end up with huge impossible to fulfill goals and by mid-January we give up on our resolutions and once more prove to ourselves that we have weak will power and diminish our chance of achieving our next even reasonable goals. So a […]

New year’s resolutions

Each January all the gyms in the USA are full of new members as people try to lose some of the weight gained over the fattening holidays. By mid February the gyms return to their normal membership. This happens every year. In fact gyms keep getting new members all the time but very few actually […]

Do a dairy fast

No milk, cheese, yogurt and such for the next 24 hours.This fast is quite easy for me, but may be difficult for others. I remember eating huge amount of wonderful cheeses of different varieties whenever visiting France. In fact if I remember, one single “provance” in France has more than five hundred and fifty different […]

The hardest are the best

And no, if you are thinking about what I’m thinking: “Let’s take our minds out of the gutter!” Actually I’m writing about fasts and other tests of will power. When I was a teenager and I went to a British boarding school, I had a freind  who used to offer us sweets. It was very […]

Have a speed fast

This fast only counts if you drive more than ten miles on surface roads or thirty on highways. I really don’t know if I can do this one. Go bellow the posted speed limit for the next 24 hours. I wonder if this is possible. I am going to make a slight exception. Since the […]

Make a promise to yourself and keep it

From Wishpower Workbook: Make a promise that you will do something or avoid doing something for the next ten days and keep your promise to yourself. This will exercise your will power and strengthen your will power. It will increase your self confidence. Select something useful for this exercise. Thus if you drink too much […]

News fast

I recently started a series on fasts. I wrote that fasting means avoiding a certain substance or  activity for some predetermined length of time (I typically suggest twenty four hours but you can have it longer or shorter). I also mentioned that any fast which appears difficult for you is the one which will do […]

Many different fasts

I have previously written about fasting to detox and balance. Fasting is as much a mental and spiritual activity as any thing else. Any fast (actively avoiding something) will increase your will power and self esteem by setting a goal and achieving that goal. So it is important to have a goal that is doable. […]

Stay away from food temptation

We all have demon foods which tempt us that once we start eating we cannot stop. A great strategy is to stop buying those foods which you cannot stop eating. For me chocolate is one of those demon foods. It is interesting. I eat semi-sweet dark chocolate as an antioxidant supplement. So when I eat […]