Don’t hurry — don’t worry

When I was eleven I went from Iran to England to continue my education. I went to boarding school in Seaford Sussex. I had a guardian who looked after us (my sisters and me) when my parents were in Iran. My father tended to be anxious when going to catch a train or airplane. He […]

What me worry?

I was listening to a tape by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. on Worry. It is a very good tape. In it Dr. Hallowel mentioned that basically our brains are designed over millennia of evolution to be on guard for danger (saber tooth tigers and woolly mammoths and other wonderful creatures). Basically, being worried and negative […]

Don’t worry before its time

I was talking to my sister and she was telling me about the way her son (my nephew) was treating his children. They would be worried about various things. He would tell them not to worry before it’s time. Let’s first think about worry. What is it? It is a negative feeling that one has […]