Accept setbacks and move on

There are times when you do your best and even so things do not go your way. There are times that you do your duty to your company and after thirty six years you are laid off because you have seniority and the company wants to retain the cheapest employees. As the Buddha said life […]

Some Zen quotes

Zen is a mystical version of Buddhism which emphasizes, Zazen (sitting meditation where you concentrate on the breath), Koans (puzzles like one I mentioned recently about the sound of one hand clapping), work with joy, and the fact that thinking cannot take us to liberation. Here are some Zen quotes: Before you study Zen, a […]

Sound of no hands clapping

There is a Zen koan (questions posed by the Zen master to move the student’s consciousness to enlightenment) which asks, “What is the sound of a single hand clapping?” I’m not a Zen student so I won’t try to answer. However, the other day was one of the few cold days in Southern California (like […]