Be thankful and acknowledge people who help you

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 18, 2011
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Now I can date the following old post since I got that new car mentioned in August 2000> I still love the car and have great fun driving it. Now about being thankful – I make sure that I go out of my way to show appreciation to public servants like, teachers, librarians, fire fighters, police sheriff and highway patrol officers (even when they give me tickets).

To me they are way more important than most lawyers and business persons. Unfortunately in our society the only value system has become money. Do not get me wrong. Money is a great value system but not the only one.

Now for the old post:

I just got a brand new car. For me it’s beyond out of this world. Following yesterday’s piece, I could sit in it all day just going “Vroom…. Vroooooom…..” and I wouldn’t even have to start the engine. As you can tell I truly appreciate this car.

I think it is important to thank people since so often we get bad service and either we remain quiet and lower our self-esteem or we become aggressive and ultimately get angry at ourselves (on some level) and again we lower our self-esteem.

But when we appreciate people and thank them we show the world that we live in a win-win universe and by boosting other’s self-esteem we raise our own. Remember that any time we can appreciate someone or something the value of that person or things goes up.

Remember love is the one thing that increases by leaps and bounds the more you give it away….

Show honest appreciation, give true compliments, you’ll feel so much better about the world and yourself. When you show appreciation to others you male yourself happy as well as making the other glad.


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