Ask what you can be thankful for

This post was written by DoctorJay on November 5, 2009
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I was  going for a walk and doing some walking meditation when I cam to this question:

Ask what you can be thankful for?

I knew that I must write about this today. So I started asking the above question from myself. Here are some answers I cam to:

  • I remembered that in 1974 I was working for NCR (National Cash Register). This was the first computer I programmed after university – at the university you handed the punched cards and received your errors next day. I was so ecstatic to actually have such a great toy to play with. It was a mini computer the size of a large desk. Anyway, I felt so lucky to be able to program this machine without operators and so on. It was so powerful – had 8K of core memory.
    I thought that I would give anything just to own one of these beautiful beasts (oh well – to each his own). The point is that the laptop I’m writing this on (quite old by today’s standards – three years old),  is at least a billion times more powerful than that computer that I thought was such a great toy.
    So I’m so thankful for my computer.
  • I walk in the tree shade and appreciate the cool Californian breeze.
  • I notice an old man walking slowly with his cane. I thank God, for his existence. I was passing an elementary school at this time and some children were playing and the juxtaposition of the young and old just made me so happy.

The point is that your brain is a question answering machine. When you ask a question – you’ll come up with an answer. If you ask, “Why is this such a bad day,” you’ll get answers to that question. When you ask things you can be grateful for, you get the appropriate gratitude based answers.

So keep asking yourself what you can be thankful for. It is a great question to ask when stuck in traffic jam or in a line or otherwise in a negative situation.

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