Weight loss by reduction of temptation

This post was written by DoctorJay on July 22, 2010
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Weight loss is not easy in advanced industrial countries with plenty of tempting foods. These are often designed in laboratories to be addictive. So a great way to manage and reduce your weight is through getting rid of temptations. You have to be serious about this if you are serious about losing weight.

Go through your fridge, pantry, desk and anywhere else you keep foods and snacks and throw away all your problem foods.

We each have problem foods which are addictive to us. For me it is chocolate – actually it is sugared chocolate. I can have an unopened box of chocolate in the house and I may not touch it for six months but once I open the box I will not stop until I end the whole box or bar. Chocolate covered Dove bars is another tempting food for me. Once I stopped buying them I stopped eating them and I do not miss them.

Once you get rid of your problem foods from the house, you can make a list of your problem restaurants and avoid those too.

Chances are that the more problem foods you have the more challenging weight management is going to be for you and more you’ll have to lose to achieve that perfect weight.

One major problem in self control and behavior modification is that will power only works in the short term like the after burner of a jet fighter. In the long run unconscious mechanisms control our behavior and eating habits.

Hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) may be used to change our habits. A weight reduction client of mine would normally eat about twenty five hamburgers a year. This was more than she wanted to eat. So after talking we decided to reduce that to less than six. Using a simple NLP procedure and some hypnotic reinforcement she now eats less than six hamburgers a year and enjoys them even more.

So in this case we changed the tempting food to a less of a temptation but more of a delicacy. However, I have only done that to foods that have to be prepared or bought at restaurants. If a certain snack is your problem food it may be easier to just avoid having it around or change the flavor so it is no longer a problem food.

I love dark chocolate as it has plenty of antioxidants and increases serotonin in the brain boosting the mood. I discovered that my addiction was to the sugar in the chocolate. I now eat totally unsweetened dark cooking chocolate. I can eat a single piece at a time (once a day maximum) and a bar lasts me weeks rather than hours.

One final note – in general avoid diet foods. Foods without sugar are full of sugar substitutes and fats and fat free foods are full of sugar. Read the label and reduce your weight.

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