When your mind is out of control do something different

This post was written by DoctorJay on October 8, 2009
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I’m having a lot of website and hosting challenges at this time and that’s why I have not been writing as many posts as I have wanted. Yesterday I was working on these issues and my mind kept going round and round getting nowhere….

Actually I should take responsibility for my thoughts and just admit that I was obsessing and I was being very inefficient. So in time I stopped and went for a walking meditation. As I put my attention other things (the bodily feeling as I took one step after the next, the sounds and sights) I noticed that my mind calmed and I was no longer chasing my own tail.

I just enjoyed walking and paying attention to the present moment. In a few minutes I came up with a solution to the problem I had been struggling with for a few hours. It was a simple elegant solution.

It was an innocent solution like when a truck had got stuck under a bridge. The truck was slightly too tall and got stuck in a way that it could not be easily pulled out. All the adults were doing their best to extricate the truck. A towing truck was brought in to winch the stuck truck from under the bridge. It was of no avail. It winched itself toward the stuck truck. They were about to call for a much larger towing truck when a young child said, “Why don’t you just let out some of the air from the tires?”

Of course. That would work.

The solution I came up with was a similar solution. Rather than trying to force the solution out by brute force I came up with a way around the problem through doing something totally different and not thinking about the problem.

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