write your goals in the positive

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 4, 2010
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One secret of achieving your goals is to write your goals down. That’s a start but there are ways to write your goals so their achievement becomes easier:

Good goals must be written in the positive (or write it the way you want it). That is to say if your goals are to reduce your weight instead of writing, “I am not fat,” write “I am slim.”

The reason for stating our goals in the positive are twofold:

  • Firstly a negative goal is almost always true. Thus if our pilots in order to get to Hawaii chose as their goal not to go to San Francisco, they would be right no matter in which direction their plane was going so long as it did not aim towards San Francisco. Thus they would not be going towards San Francisco even if they never took off. The same way the person who wrote, “I am not fat,” could become supremely fat and achieve her goal of not being fat.
  • The second reason for writing our goals in the positive is that the unconscious mind cannot think about a negative without thinking about the object at hand. Thus try for the next minute not to think about pink elephants. The interesting thing is that a moment ago you were not even thinking about pink elephants. Now in trying to not think about them, you are forced to think about them. Thus if one’s goal is, “I am not fat,” the unconscious mind takes that as, “I am fat.”

So write your goals down in the positive the way you want to see it and then see it in your mind’s eye – visualize it or imagine it as true.

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