when writing your goals keep it simple

This post was written by DoctorJay on January 4, 2010
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Continuing our goal setting series:

Keep the goals you write simple and concrete. The unconscious mind (the part of you which achieves goals) does not like or for that matter understand nor comprehend complicated redundant ideas which are abstract nominalizations and complex sentences like this sentence which goes on and on.

So be specific but keep it short. Use a short simple sentence to symbolize your specific goal.

Like: “I now own a red Jaguar.”

Not: “I now own a red Jaguar with leather seats and chrome wheels and for which I paid $xxx which I earned by doing yyy etc. etc. etc……..”

I used this method on my last new car 6 months before I bought it. It is the right color and model exactly the way I visualized it. Actually I saw a review of the car and I knew I would end up with one exactly like the one in the magazine.

Seeing a physical image of your goal (you can photoshop your picture to look the way you want to look after your weight reduction) helps your unconscious mind achieve your goal.

Writing abstract goals will not help you very much: Nominalizations (mentioned earlier) are best described as things you cannot put in a wheel barrow like satisfaction, happiness, or good. So if you have a written goal of being satisfied or happy the unconscious mind does not know what you desire.

The unconscious mind is very literal and thinks in concrete term so you have to explain what you mean by satisfieed (owning a red Jag or whatever).

Remember the KISS principle as applied to goal setting:

  • Keep
  • It
  • Simple
  • Sugar

I know many make the last S as stupid – now why would you give such a suggestion to yourself or anyone else.

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