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»Are you thinking about adoption but don’t know where to go or who to trust to help you?

»Do you have questions you would like answered without feeling pressured or obliged?

»If you have decided to move forward with adoption, do you need positive, helpful resources to help you with the process?

The following information should help answer any of your questions or please feel free to give us a call at 626-330-7990  or e-mail us.


Do you know….

* Adoption is confidential--your information will not be shared with any other government agency.


* Minors are allowed to place children for adoption without parental consent.


* You can chose adoptive parent/s from any State.


* You are permitted to cross State-lines to complete your adoption.


* Once you have decided upon adoption and have been matched with adoptive parent/s, some States allow financial assistance to help you through your pregnancy if needed. All expenses are paid by your adoptive parent/s as allowed by your State.  All funds must be within reason and presented to the courts.


 * You may be assisted in finding a place to stay if you need to maintain privacy about your pregnancy and plans for adoption.


* Free counseling by therapists skilled in adoption is available for you once you have been matched with adoptive parents.


* If you need assistance in language translation, an interpreter will help you to make sure you understand all adoption information once you decide adoption is the choice for you.



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