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Client Testimonials

All clients have authorized their testimonials to be shared in this website. .Some names have been changed or abbreviated by request.

Karen, age 22, experienced Panic Attacks. She steadfastly practiced Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques taught her at Life Focus Center. Karen surprised herself at how quickly she felt better. She shares her experience with you to offer encouragement to others. Thank you, Karen, for your candid sharing.

A few months ago I started having anxiety attacks. I was to the point where almost everything I thought would trigger fear: people; people’s judgment; the welfare of my family; starting at a new school. I did not know how to really deal with anxiety so I started going to Life Focus Center for help. There Dr. Elaine Kindle talked to me about the underlying causes of anxiety and anxiety attacks and started teaching me a variety of techniques in order to lessen the anxiety attacks and also to start changing the way I thought that would lead me to have anxiety attacks. Some of the exercises included keeping records of my thoughts and feelings, problem solving, distraction, relaxation techniques. I did these exercises regularly and over time my anxiety level started to drop and eventually (within two months) I started to feel normal again to my great surprise because at the beginning of all this I felt so hopeless. All it took was the effort to get help and the desire to get better.


Adriana experienced PTSD. She found rapid relief from the use of EMDR and shares her story here. Thank you, Adriana, for helping others through sharing your experience.

I experienced a traumatic event related to my daughter born with a disorder. I was crushed when I heard the news. I felt my heart was ripped out of my chest. I could not focus, I cried all the time. I was in tremendous need to relieve my sadness and anxiety. I finally found help from Dr. Elaine Kindle who suggested EMDR. I had two sessions which were tremendously emotional. In the end, I felt liberated from those tormenting feelings of fear and despair.


Chadona also found relief from her situation through EMDR. She hopes others will benefit through her story. Thank you, Chadona, for your openness and willingness to offer support to others through your story.

When I made the decision to seek therapy, I was suffering with insomnia, I was angry and emotional. I was crying more and couldn’t always say why. Now I’m sleeping a restful nights sleep. I’m not angry and blowing up about everything and if I cry I know why. I thought therapy was supposed to be a long difficult process, but for me, EMDR made ad dramatic difference in a short time.


VR looks back in time and courageously writes of her experiences and improvement stemming from the work she did in counseling. VR has been an inspiration for many women. Thank, you for your words of encouragement to others.

Life Focus Center came into my life at a point when my weary psyche needed some house cleaning and rehabilitation. After a lifetime of hiding and stifling my feelings, unpleasant past events, no self-esteem, and a chaotic lifestyle, I had finally surrendered to depression and self-sabotage with enormous force.

THEN was a time of methodical drone of JUST existing thru the peaks and valleys of emotions and reactions with no known positive recourse. But thanks to the insistence and encouragement of a very supportive family, I finally sought the help and guidance I so desperately needed with Dr. Elaine Kindle at Life Focus Center. After attending individual and group therapy, and various workshops, and using EMDR, I could finally see light at the end of my tunnel! With time and patience, I was taught self-forgiveness and acceptance, how to find and sort out my solutions and, even better yet, an overall better quality of life.

NOW life is GOOD!...It may still have its periods of ups and downs but I am now able to do more than just exist and fumble thru it. NOW I am no longer a doormat for disaster. NOW I am equipped with numerous tools and knowledge to fight and conquer life’s barricades and tribulations. NOW I participate in Life, rather than viewing it as a spectator. I will be eternally grateful to Elaine for being my patient educator, to my family for being my constant cheerleaders, and to God for providing me with the aforementioned!


Liz writes a note expressing her growth in the desire to help others know that it is possible. Thank you, Liz.

Thanks to counseling, I have changed my life and helped my marriage. Thank you, Elaine, for being not only a counselor, but a mentor to me. I have been to other counselors and have never got anything achieved. Then God led us to you!


Elsie suffered extreme debilitating Panic Attacks for several years before she came to Life Focus Center. Through the use of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and EMDR, Elsie soon gained control over her life. She wanted to share her story below in the hope that it would encourage others who might share similar experiences. Thank you, Elsie, for your courage

Hi! My name is Elsie and I am 16 years old. I am a client of Dr. Elaine Kindle and wanted to share my story with you. Many years ago I started with a problem that many of you reading this can probably relate to. I spent many years with this problem and never really knew what was truly happening to me. It all started when I was about 10. I can’t really explain how this happened to me or why it happened to me, no one could, not my mom or anyone in my family. The worst part about it was not only was this affecting me but my family suffered as well. We were so desperate in trying to help me that I visited many doctors yet none of them could truly tell me what was wrong, they all recommended me to psychiatrists but still I couldn’t understand the point to my problem. Until I came across Dr. Elaine Kindle , she was the first doctor that opened my mind and showed me that there was help out there for me, that I could finally understand the point to my problem. There is when I realized the point to my problem. I wasn’t sick and I definitely wasn’t dying. My problem was called anxiety. This whole entire time I had spent years suffering when it was all just fears I had in my head. Many of my thoughts were just this imaginary bubble filled with fears and ideas that were never even true. This whole experience was definitely a struggle and I know many of you are probably still stuck with these horrible thoughts and feelings as if you’re locked inside a prison with no where to go and that’s why I am here to tell you form first hand experience to never give up, there is help out there. Never lose hope and you will find your way like I did with the help of my supporting family and of course, Dr Elaine Kindle who showed me the way to a happier life, because I was just once like you. I was a teenager who struggled not being able to do a lot of things I wanted to, but now I have grown so much and I am still here continuing to grow in the struggle I went through with a much better life. I have now realized a lot of things you still can’t probably understand. I can do all those things I wanted to. I am no longer that scared teenager but a much happier young girl. I struggled a lot. I was afraid to go out to even just leave my room but the worse fear of all was never being able to find my way out of this, but I was determined with all my heart to find someway no matter how to get through this and I did. So please take it from me I know I may only be young but I can honestly tell you I am glad that I never lost my faith. Now I never get tired to give thanks to my wonderful family that never left my side and to Dr. Kindle for opening up a new happier path in my life.