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Some Rapid Induction Techniques to induce a trance state:

By Dr. Javad Hashtroudian

When I first learned clinical hypnotherapy I did not use rapid induction the first time I hypnotised a client. Then I noticed that rapid induction worked excellently with all my clients and saved much time for the therapy part of hypnotherapy.

The first technique is a modified Elman technique and has worked every time I have used it with clients.


Close your eyes and relax all the muscles around your eyes. Now just continue to relax your muscles and your eyelids so that if you tried you could pretend that your eyelids were so relaxed that they would be glued together and if you tried you could not open them. Now holding that relaxation pretend that you could not open your eyelids however hard you tried. Now when you are absolutely sure that if you tried you could not open your eyelids try in vain to open your eyelids and find with great amazement and wonder that you would not open your eyelids and allow this to take you down into a deep deep trance.

Do this once you have practiced other methods of entering the trance state:
Pretend that you are in a deep trance. Once the pretense is complete, pretend that you are not pretending and allow this to take you down into a deep deep trance.

Momentarily tense every muscle in your body. Then let go of the tension in all muscles rapidly and take a deep breath in through your nose hold it while you are comfortable and then exhale slowly through the mouth while relaxing and allow this to take you down into a deep deep trance.

Get yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax your mind and body. Now give yourself the suggestion that you will count up from one to three and at the count of three you'll open your eyes momentarily and the count down from five to one. At the count of five you'll close your eyes and increase your relaxation ten times, and as you count down you'll continue to go deeper and deeper and deeper. You'll repeat this as many times as needed. Eventually you'll be so deep that you will not want to open your eyelids anymore. At that time you'll count down three more times and at the end you'll be in a deep, deep trance.