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The magical ring -- a hypnotic tale

By Javad Hashtroudian


There was this wise man, once, who found a ring. Now this ring was not an ordinary ring. I wonder if you're wondering what kind of a ring this was. Well relax, when the time comes, you'll know. Now the man was wise. He could see many things and he could hear many things and he could feel many things and thus he knew what he had. He relaxed and put on the ring which felt good. He placed the ring on his left hand which felt right. He called on the source of being because he knew he could .... Imagine what he could.... Now that he had the ring. Soon he was a powerful and wise wizard. He had a large palace and grounds. Now whatever he imagined and saw really for real so real he could see himself in the picture, hear all the sounds, feel the feelings, think the thoughts. He would frame the picture in gold, blow psychic energy and see himself in the picture and place that picture in a place he kept for his future and then he would forget about it and go back energized to his daily work. Now when the allotted time came all his wishes would come true. Now he knew the wish genie was very powerful but not so bright. He had to be careful what he wished for. He had to tell the genie exactly what he wanted in plain language. And since he could have whatever he wanted he had to be careful to make sure what he wanted was possible and did not hurt himself or anyone else or the world since he now knew that we have only one world and she is our mother. He decided when he wanted his wish to come true and then saw it as if it had already happened. Now since he was very wise and he knew the secret and he had the ring he became very rich and more or less the most powerful man around.
Now he had a son and he wanted to teach all he knew. The son was not yet wise. He wondered when he could give him the ring. He had to be sure it was put to good use for the good of all humanity. He had to teach him the subtleties involved in wishcraft. He put him to test. When he passed the test would come the next test. When not he changed the test. It was the same but to the unlearned it looked different until one relaxed, took a deep breath and asked, "Have I been here before?" and heard the sounds and then felt the feelings and knew what had to be known and passed on the next one. Sometimes he was slow and others very fast. Sooner or later he would pass all. He knew somewhere deep down that he had known all the while. When he went inside his father's palace, in a quite place when he could relax and be calm, the answers came to him and felt right and he was at harmony as he examined... They seemed better with each word he spoke.
Now he had a friend who had lots of pets. He had a rabbit and a golden retriever and a gerbil and he had many other pets known and unknown. His favorite pet was a long rattler. This was exciting. He was enthralled, charming. Danger lurked behind every corner. The rattle was a warning. Thrill was swarming. The poison was noxious. He was damaged by and by. The thrill he wanted.
He loved all animals and relaxing by them he felt he could wonder... when he saw a tree which had died so a new one could blossom here... the stream of time by and by. He would go in by the lake and make contact with the breath deep inside and see his image reflected the world all around. He was in the center and all was the outer. He heard a breeze and was drawn to a hole. Some people might have been confused but he trusted his inner self and when he saw something he listened for the message and it felt good and he understood. The hole was apart and a part of another hole. This was a symbol of the whole world which stood for the universe. One was enough within a reflection mirror upon mirror many fold reflection upon reflection. Many doors ahead. Five doors and another hidden. More came inside through the doors. Golden flowers cloaked in rainbow mist subtle gossamer iridescence floated through the secret door. The wise welcomed the gifts and in site of the hall of reflection relaxed with eyes open. "Aye," they said, "We know. We understand delight divine."
The light beyond delight a true reflection of paradise universal was a piece of love above. The wise men and women together as one now and then in the future did what had to be done. They wanted love, relationship, peace. Of mind they knew much anew. Go inside in peace in love. Delight in the light bright. They say one word again. Again they gain. Peace, bliss, divine.
A vine was blossoming where he sat. He drank the fruit He felt a thrill as he went home. Now the rattler was waiting. Danger lurked. The doors were open. Habitually he could not find the hidden door, the secret entrance. The snake was there. He bit him. He was in agony. He went inside. Deep inside he found strength. He cut the head off. The thrill was gone. The pain remained. Time passed. Time passed. Time passed. The pains lessened. The pains lessened. The pains lessened. He had his pets. He had safe pets. He found happiness without the poison.
The son saw the friend. He learned the lesson. He went inside and saw where he was. He decided exactly where wanted to go. He knew how he would know he was there. He wanted it all for himself for the good of himself and his loved ones and strangers and mother Earth. He decided exactly when he would arrive. He saw himself arriving at the destination. His goal was within his grasp. He could feel it real. He heard the words spoken. He went to his father the wizard.
The father knew anew the son was ready. He was delight of the light. He placed him in the picture. He understood it all. His spirite soared. He rose above it all. The breath blew upon the picture. He placed the picture in the corridor of future events. He forgot all about it for now.
Soon in time, as designed, his dream came true. His father gave him the ring. He was now the Wizard. He knew the secret of the ring of power and knowledge. That, however, is another story.