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Since we have worked with adoptions for over 25 years, we know many adoption resources, and have the ability to provide services ourselves.  We can give you referrals, references, or services, depending on your needs. 

We will add your adoption profile to our web-site, at no cost to you, as another means of “getting the word out.”  Just send us a copy of your profile with a written release to add it to our web site.  You can read profiles of other adoptive couples on a variety of adoption web-sites. If you wish to discuss which ones with us, please give us a call. 

Should one of our birth mothers chose you, we will discuss the proper procedures.  For example, if you have no other representation, we will either refer you to one of the top attorneys or agencies we use, or make the match ourselves, whichever is more appropriate.  Fees will be discussed among involved parties at that time. Meanwhile, listing your profile with us costs you nothing. Rather, it increases your visibility. 

Below is a list of birth parent services we provide:
    • Adoption Service Provider
    • Ongoing contact with our birth mothers
    • Efficient, dependable, friendly services
    • Notary (e.g. birth father waivers)
    • Counseling (in person, by phone, or by web-cam)
    • Psychological assessment*
    • Referrals for psychological evaluations when necessary
    • Referrals to qualified adoption attorneys, agencies
    • Research on ever-changing adoption laws***
    • ICPC documents
    • Native American clearance**
    • Placement of older children from other countries****
    • Spanish speaking counselors

* Psychological assessment can provide you with a confirmation of a birth mother’s characteristics.    Some adoptive parents mistakenly think that all they have to do is to expose the baby to their environment, to provide their love, and the baby will be just like them.  Not so.  Genetics play a major factor in our lives, not just environment. Many research studies support that statement.  It may be wise to get an idea of your birth mother’s characteristics.  Various assessments are available at a reasonable cost to you. 

**Birth parents with Tribal registration need Tribal clearance before placement can be made.   Identification of any Tribal membership is crucial and needs to be done as soon as possible since it takes considerable time and effort to obtain proper clearance. 

***Since adoption laws vary State-to-State, and tend to be modified with regularity within State, if we do not know the answer to a question, we will contact the Policy office in Sacramento to obtain information for your adoption to proceed correctly.

****Frequently we are asked to provide Adoption Service Provider services for families from out of country (e.g., Korea, China) who wish their older children to be placed for adoption with someone known to them in this country.  Adoptions must be completed before the child’s 16th birthday.

You may find the following web-site useful:  www.childsworld.ca.gov