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10 Steps to Improve Your Self-Esteem:


  • Awareness always is the first step toward problem solving. You cannot make meaningful changes until you have identified the problem. Taking positive action increases self-esteem.
  • Messages you have heard about yourself and told yourself throughout your life may not be true. These inaccurate perceptions lower your self-esteem. Question the validity of such messages and the evidence that supports them. If there is little or no evidence that these messages are true, give up believing them. Replace them with the truth.
  • Self-talk, or the way you talk to yourself about yourself, comes from your beliefs about yourself. If you have accepted many negative untrue messages, your self-esteem suffers needlessly. If you call yourself names, you reinforce low self-esteem. Replace name-calling with words that express appreciation for yourself.
  • Visualization works. Olympic athletes attest to this. Use visualization to picture yourself having increased self-esteem. See yourself in as detailed a way as possible as you imagine how you would look, talk, and behave if you had high self-esteem. Practice this technique in a positive way as often and as clearly as you can.
  • Self-hypnosis can help by giving you the opportunity to tap into sub-conscious messages that lower your self-esteem. You can review and replace negative, untrue messages with more positive, truthful ones.
  • Therapy can be powerful. Goal-oriented short-term therapy can assist you by changing the old worn-out messages and, very importantly, in alleviating the emotional pain that stems from such beliefs.
  • Educate yourself about the importance of self-esteem and how to improve it. Self-help tapes, books and self-help groups abound. Use them. Identify dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behavior that decreases your self-esteem. Self-help groups can help you understand that you are not alone with your problems and to learn and share positive ways to improve your life.
  • Choose friends who appreciate you for who you are. When you surround yourself with complainers or "takers", your self-esteem suffers. Choose friends who encourage you. Friends are happy for, not resentful of, your growth and success.
  • Find a role model, someone you consider to have high self-esteem. Study what that person does. As that person for input. Get helpful suggestions. Put what you have learned into practice. Some of the most successful people have used this technique for years.
  • Tap into your spiritual nature. Getting in touch with your own "higher power", with the God-in-you, open you to honesty - recognizing the negatives you need to change, but also admitting your strengths. Recognizing your own good life experiences and positive messages creates balance in your life and helps your self-esteem grown.

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