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Some more of these are about the Mullah Nasrudin who was introduced in the previous teaching stories there are some more teaching stories here.


It works, doesn't it!

The Mulah was beating a drum as hard as he could. The neighbors were fed up at the racket and asked him what he was doing. He replied, "Keeping wild tigers at bay." A neighbor shouted, "But Mullah, there are no wild tigers within a thousand miles of here." The Mullah smiled and replied, "It works, doesn't it!"


The death of the Mullah

One day the Mullah's wife asked him when would be the end of the world and the last judgment day. The Mullah replied the end of the world and the last judgement day is the day that I die.


When I was Alive....

One day the Mullah had climbed a neighbor's apple tree to steal some fruits. His neighbor walked in the orchard and the Mullah fell as he tried to hide in the tree. The people crowded around the dazed Mullah and imagined that he had died. They started to carry him home. As they carried him, they got to a roundabout and did not know which road to take. The Mullah who had just revived pointed to a road and said, "When I was alive, I would take that road!"


The soup

A farmer came to town as a guest of the Mullah. The farmer brought a goose as a gift for the Mullah. That night Mullah Nasrudin's wife cooked the goose and served it in a feast with many other delicacies to the Mullah and others with the farmer siting in the place of honor among the guests.

The farmer returned home the next day and a week later a stranger knocked on the Mullah's door saying, "I am the friend of the guy who brought you the goose." The Mullah welcomed him and asked his wife to cook a big meal and invited the stranger to dinner. Hardly a week had gone by when another stranger came claiming to be the friend of the friend of the guy who had brought the goose. Once again the stranger was fed a big meal and so was the next stranger who was the friend of the friend of the friend of the guy who had brought the goose.

By this time the Mullah and his wife had become pretty fed up of feeding all the countryside. Nasrudin's wife told him that they had only one chicken left. Mullah said not to worry since he had a plan.

When the next friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the guy who had brought the goose arrived the Mullah told his wife to boil some water and serve it in a soup bowl. The guest tasted the water and asked what kind of a soup was this. The Mullah replied, "Sir you have before you the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the goose that the friend of your friend of your friend of your friend brought." No more stranger's visited Mullah after that.


The architect's last palace

An excellent architect lovingly built many beautiful palaces for the Sultan. Eventually he was tired of his labor and went to the Potentate and asked if he could retire. The great king asked the architect to build him one last palace. He said, "Money is absolutely no objection. You have one year to build me the best palace possible."

The architect started eagerly but he was exhausted and soon he started to do shoddy work. He cut a corner here and a corner there. After all, this was his last project and no one would notice. When it came to the materials he used cheaper materials since he could not be bothered to search for the best. After all, who would notice? Only he, was the one who could tell the difference. One by one the architect did less than his best. Eventually even though no one else could tell the difference the architect knew that this palace was no where near his best. However, he was still pleased that it was complete and at last he could retire.

The year had passed and the architect presented his substandard work to the Sultan. The Sultan inspected the palace and was well pleased. When the inspection was over, he turned to the architect and said, "You have done well. This is my retirement gift to you."


"I have no time to sharpen my ax"

The Mullah was using a rusted ace to cut a huge oak tree. A friend was passing by and saw that the Mullah was make no progress at all. At this rate it would take him years to chop the mighty tree down. He said, "Mullah, why don't you sharpen your ace?" The Mullah replied, "I can't afford the time. Must cut this tree by tomorrow."


Cherish this life

The Shahanshah, the King of Kings, had passed away unexpectedly before he could bequeath his empire to one of his many suns. In order to stop a civil war the Viziers asked the Mullah to intervene and discover the Great ruler's desire. The Mullah fasted and meditated for many days and then went into a deep trance. His spirit momentarily left his body and went to the other world. When he saw the Supreme Sovereign, he was in the most beautiful palace imaginable. He was surrounded by stunning Houris and most powerful Genies of all kinds. Verily, this was a true paradise. The Shahanshah told the Mullah which of his sons should succeed him and the added, "I would give up all this wealth and glory I have in this world to spend one more day back on Earth, alive, as even the humblest servant to the least of my subjects."


Death looks for Hassan in Samarkand

Hassan was a novice in Baghdad. He went to a Sufi Sheik to have his fortune read. The Sheik told him that he was under grave danger and death might visit him soon. As it happened death entered Baghdad that day to take the life of ten thousand whose time had come. Upon hearing about the carnage and how everyone was dying of the plague, Hassan flew to far away city of Samarkand. As he left Baghdad, he shivered with fright as he passed the shadow of death. Death who saw Hassan looked in his book and thought to himself, "I wonder what is going on? I am supposed to take him to the other side in four weeks in Samarkand. Why is he in Baghdad?


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